I love what I do and consider myself lucky that I get to make pictures for a living. I think it's crazy that I can be documenting a very high end gala on saturday night and then on sunday I am documenting a punk rock show in a basement somewhere. I can't wait for the next assignment or project to work on. So much that I find myself walking around Brooklyn with my camera capturing moments and landscapes of things that interest me. 

I still shoot film, if you think your project fits that old school kinda look please, let's consider it. 

No project is too big or too small, if you need images feel free to reach out. I am more than willing to work with you in helping to achieve your vision. 


About Me:

1977- 1982: Diapers and baby food
1983-1990: Newspaper Reading, Living Room Gymnastics, Paper Route, First Kiss
1991-1996: Detention/ Suspension, Short Bus, Shaving ( or not), MRR, First Camera, Scholarship For Most Improved Student
1997-1999: Metrocard, Community College, Fine Art Scholarship
1999-2001: Art School, NYC, Coney Island High, Move To Brooklyn, Mentor's Show & Graduation at Lincoln Center
2001- 2004: Photo Department for Weekly Late Night Television Show, Freshman 15 Gained, Pompadour Maintained
2004- 2009: Full Time with TREC RENTAL
2009-Current: Freelance Photographer, Photo Assistant, Digital Tech & in September 2016 a father.