California-based photographer, and visual artist with a diverse portfolio of Concerts/Live Music, Portraits and fashion images

Deep industry experiences in photography, digital tech and Production


Rooted in a foundation of documentary work, along with art and music photography infusing creativity, playfulness, and spontaneity into the realms of fashion and lifestyle.

With a unique approach which resonates with a broad audience, earning Chris' work a place in esteemed publications such as Revolver Magazine and Rolling Stone. 

The distinctive tone and energetic consistency of his work have attracted select talent as, Jay Z, Beyonce, Jack White, Metallica  and selected clients include SNL, NBC, Grey Advertising, tbwa/chiat day and Revolver Magazine.


With a solid foundation in digital tech skills and production, along with his photography, it showcases a versatile skill set honed through industry  experience.

Chris navigates the evolving photography industry to include new programs and work flows into his process.


Based in the Golden State, Chris welcomes exciting collaborations and projects, inviting you to be a part of this creative journey where innovation and artistry converge seamlessly.


Inspiration from acclaimed photographers Glenn Luchford, Guy Aroch, and Mary Ellen Matthews, 


Always looking for new collaborators, send an email I always reply back.

[email protected] for more info